Vodka Token — collectible play-to-earn NFT game based on DeFi.

In the game, participants use various mechanics to receive in-game currency $VODKA, which they ‘Shake’ (spend) on NFT cocktails - the main features of the game. Fully decentralized, all powered by Vodka Token

Buy Vodka Token to create an NFT cocktail

Why Vodka?

This drink is known all over the world and it serves as the basis for many alcoholic drinks. We decided not to invent anything new and instead add real, popular cocktails to the world of "Blockchain".

That's how we ended up with Vodka token, which is the main component of the project, just like it is in cocktails.

Creating NFT cocktails

You can buy Vodka Tokens on the platform & exchange or earn them by taking active part in the social activities of the project.

Shake BNB, BUSD, USDT, ETH etc. with VODKA (50/50 proportion) — receive an NFT cocktail.



Users can create a unique NFT cocktail by combining (mixing) two coins. Cocktails come in different levels:

  • Gold: The cost of each cocktail is 100$.
  • Silver: The cost of each cocktail is 20$.
  • Bronze: The cost of each cocktail is 5$.

Variation of use

  • You can send your cocktail to staking to receive up to 144% APY
  • Play in a fair lottery (working on a smart contract) and win up to 300%
  • Sell your NFT cocktail on different marketplaces
Bloody Mary


The Fair Lottery - «Wheel of Fortune» - is an opportunity to win right here, right now up to 300% of the cost of a cocktail. The bet is made in cocktails, selected cocktails will burn, the payment is made in “VODKA” tokens.

The platform uses a completely honest, transparent lottery, the results of which can be verified by any of the users via a smart contract.


You can put your NFT cocktails to Smart Contract Staking and get up to 144% APY*. Payout is made in Vodka Token.

*Initial percentage is given, it may change over time.


300 000 000 000 Vodka Tokens

Private Investors & Funds
Research & Development
Public sales and reserve

The price for 1 x Vodka token starts at $ 0.0001 on DEX. No public pre-sale or discounts.

*we will burn 5% of the tokens every week for 6 weeks (total 30%)
2% Burn
3% Marketing
2% Development
3% Liquidity


The project is planned to be listed only on liquid exchanges

January 2021

Project idea and Name
'VODKA token'.

February-May 2021

Selection of the team and developers.

June 2021

Start of project development.

October 2021


October 2021

Creation of Vodka Tokens.

October 2021

Creation of Smart

October-November 2021

Private Sale.

November 2021


November 2021

Initial listing on PancakeSwap.

December 1st 2021

Product Release.

December 2021

Creation of the Lottery.

December 2021

Creation of the Staking Program.

December - January 2022

Listing on liquidity centralized exchanges.

December - January 2022

Establishing partnerships with various crypto projects.


Creation of the ERC20-BEP20 (ETH/BSC) bridge.

January-May 2022

Addition of popular blockchains to the ecosystem

2022 - 2023

Development of new trends, products, NFT, mechanics.

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